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What the beeps mean

  • A fast flutter beeping at the initial power up of the camera pod means that there is no GPS micro SD card inserted or the GPS card is not the right memory size. This card must be no more than 8 GB in size. Safely disconnect from power, insert the proper micro SD card into the slot, connect back to power and the “tune” should sound.
  • A beeping in rapid succession after starting recording and fast LED flashing means that a viewing angle did not properly start recording. Press the center button of the key fob to end recording – note that the same LED(s) will light up, flicker, and then shut off. Make sure that the micro SD card(s) corresponding to the particular LED(s) is securely inserted into its slot. If this does not solve the problem, check that the micro SD card has space available and that it has the correct config.txt file.
  • When not recording but powered on, the camera will emit a two second beep every 10 seconds. This is a good sign! You have obtained a GPS fix.
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