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TerraDrone Release Notes

The TerraDrone and TerraPOS setup can be found here:

November 8, 2021. Setup version 1.0.26, TerraDrone Version V1.7.0

  • Implemented ScanLook file parsing
    • Auto parsing scanLook file on project setup (searches for xml file in main project folder)
    • Added “import ScanLook” button under project menu bar
    • Will import the rotations to IMU rotations based on ScanLook's insScript
    • Currently only recognizes front-of-uav (180 0 -90)
    • Otherwise will load from the lever arms orientation
    • Will not change drone setup if the ScanLook rotations match the current IMU rotation
  • Updated Import Opus Report to use new dialogs (matching Import ScanLook) to also show results of import

November 2, 2021. Setup version 1.0.25, TerraDrone Version V1.6.3

  • When setting up a project, TD will look in every child folder of the main folder, except for snoopy, for the base rinex file starting in the base folder.
  • Will now open the drone verification report folder when there is an error

October 28, 2021. Setup version 1.0.24, TerraDrone Version V1.6.2

  • Moved Open Export Folder toggle to Menu bar under Processing
  • Now saves Open Export Folder setting between sessions
    • This is a global setting, and not saved on a project by project basis.

October 27, 2021. Setup version 1.0.23, TerraDrone Version V1.6.1

  • Added Toggle to Open INS export folder on successful processing
  • Added Open Drone Verification report folder button to Output menu button

October 22, 2021. Setup version 1.0.22, TerraDrone Version V1.6.0

  • Implemented Drone Setup verification
    • Checks if there are any IMU errors
    • Checks IMU rotation mean attitude
    • Checks Antenna Offsets
  • Implemented “Push to Point ID” button to set Base Station location as point ID location
    • Added “Processing” menu bar item
    • Verify Drone Setup
    • Verify Base Station (Moved from Project)
    • Open Estimated Base Station (Moved from Project)
    • Process Project (Moved from Project)
  • Fixed IMU angles being set with decimals
  • Fixed TD crashing when trying to re-run
  • Fixed INS report not properly parsing the entire file
  • Added latest TerraPOS v2.5.8 (October 21, 2021)

October 7, 2021. Setup version 1.0.21, TerraDrone Version V1.5.1

  • Implemented new UI for GNSS start/end time selection
    • Highlights date time elements (year, month, day, hour, minute, second) to easily change them
    • Can select an element and use the up/down buttons to quickly increase/decrease element value
    • Will limit start/end time to the original start/end time ranges
    • NOTE: clicking the up/down arrows before selecting a field will default to the year element or the previously selected element
  • Implemented Comparing Estimated Point ID location to base station approximate location
    • Will show warning if they differ by 30m
    • Only before verification
  • Implemented Dialog that shows difference between estimated base station location and current Point ID location
    • Only shows up if the difference is more than 0.5m
  • Added menu item to re-compare estimated and current Point ID locations
    • Under Project tab
  • Added error dialog when trying to process/verify and there are form errors
  • Fixed error not appearing when export setting is invalid
  • Fixed Degree, minute, second fields not performing an range check
  • Updated user resources geoids

September 27, 2021. Setup version 1.0.20, TerraDrone Version V1.5.0.

  • Implemented INS report imu error checking
    • if at least 1 imu error is detected
  • Implemented INS report large mean attitude checking
    • Dialog window to easily compare current and suggested angles and determine which one to use
  • Implemented DGNSS report ambiguity check
    • Will throw error if Fixed ambiguity is less than 85%
  • Will now open report folder instead of export folder if an error is detected (INS, DGNSS reports)
  • Added Menu buttons to open ins export folder or ins report folder
    • Under output
  • Added approximate base rinex location to UI
  • Implemented comparing base rinex location vs point ID when not verified
    • Will check if point ID is within 30m of base rinex location as the base location is very rough
  • Fixed export settings not being properly error checked before processing
  • Fixed crash that can happen when loading projects

September 13, 2021. Setup version 1.0.19, TerraDrone V1.4.4.

  • Base station receiver is automatically determined.
    • If the receiver is one that TerraPOS has a specific configuration for, then this is used.
    • If the receiver is not among the list, then the “generic” receiver profile is used.
    • You get a warning if that is the case.

September 10, 2021. Setup version 1.0.18, TerraDrone V1.4.3.

  • Implemented North-base processing
  • Removed Receiver type from Base Mount and moved it to Base Rinex
  • Will now update receiver types in base mount, and point ID to match base rinex receiver
  • Implemented Saving/loading output settings
  • Separated camera events into different files
  • Updated user resources

August 30, 2021. Setup version 1.0.17, TerraDrone V1.4.2.

  • Fixed Point ID coordinates losing millimeter precision when saving
  • Updated UK grid datum and geoid

August 23, 2021. Setup version 1.0.16, TerraDrone V1.4.1

  • Added View Project Report button
    • Will also ask to open project report after generation
  • Added Elapsed Time for GNSS, Base, and selected time ranges in project report
  • Added MARK[1,2,3]TIME extraction when converting raw GNSS rinex files
  • Added Registry entry for TerraDrone install location
  • Added Verify and Process buttons in toolbar under report
  • Added British datum, geoid, and map projection
  • Updated Export formats, Base stations, Snoopy
  • Updated NGS Cors download script
  • Added the verify and process buttons to the toolbar as a solution to TerraDrone being too big on small screens and the process button being inaccessible.

August 10, 2021. Setup version 1.0.15, TerraDrone V1.4.0

  • Implemented Project Report
  • Both this and Opus Report are now under “Project” in the toolbar
  • Removed IMR and GNSS file requirements for Verification
  • Changed RINEX validation to allow for RINEX files without the .##o extension
  • Fixed errors upon fresh install
  • Updated CORS download file

July 30, 2021. Setup version 1.0.14, TerraDrone V1.3.0

  • Implemented dialog for showing conversion status
  • Ability to retry after conversion failed
  • Added [Reset] button for resetting the time range back to the original values
  • Will now determine hemisphere for map projection based on where the snoopy file is

July 23, 2021. Setup version 1.0.13, TerraDrone V1.2.2

  • Added editing of the GNSS start and stop times to TD.

July 22, 2021. Setup Version 1.0.13, TerraDrone V1.2.1.

  • Updated broadcast ephemeris processing
  • Now checks end time instead of start time to determine GPS day
  • Also checks base rinex file for GPS day
  • Updated Base Station Verification processing variables
  • Updated New York East-Central-West map projection

July 15, 2021. Setup Version 1.0.12, TerraDrone version 1.2.0

  • Added ability to verify base station using broadcast ephemeris
  • Added warning about using V2.x rinex files
  • Made it so that TD opens the file explorer to the export folder after processing
  • Updated verify/processing to update Point ID's antenna offset
  • Updated North Converter to use Rinex 3.04
  • Fixed Opus report select dialog having a bad default file selected
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