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Problems Installing Software

While installation normally happens without any problem or issue, sometimes it can be troublesome.

The first thing to note is that it is safest to use Right Click Run As Administrator on any setups. This should not be necessary but it seems like it often is. In particular, not using this can result with some files either not being registered or even being placed in the wrong folder (such as the system32 folder instead of a syswow64 folder).

Occasionally, for various reasons, Windows is unable to register some ActiveX dependencies. If this occurs, you may get a run-time error (Run-time error 27, among others) when Windows attempts to load the dependency. Sometimes, this can be resolved by opening an Administrator Cmd.exe window, changing directory to “C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\LiDARUSA” and then entering the following command to manually register the dependency file in question:

regsvr32 gview.ocx

(The above example uses the GView.ocx dependency file, but you can replace it with which ever file is giving you the error, such as GridEx20.ocx)

Windows DEP Issue

Windows DEP (Data Execution Prevention) is a security feature that can prevent ActiveX controls from executing in certain situations. Symptoms include SHRINKER.ERR error messages among others. Once DEP is disabled, those ActiveX controls should be able to execute. However, some UEFI BIOS have a hardware level security feature, “Secure Boot”. If Secure Boot is enabled on a PC, you will be unable to disable DEP in Windows, even as Administrator. In this case, you must first enter the BIOS and disable Secure Boot. Then you will be able to disable DEP in Windows as Administrator.

FARO.DLL not installed

If you get the FARO.dll not installed warning, be sure to go back and run the RegFaroDlls.exe. Remember to use Right Click Run As Administrator. It only takes a moment and there is no notification when it is complete.

Refer to Installing FARO Software.

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