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Mounting Scanner to UAV

1. Make sure you have all of the correct parts. (Scanner, UAV, Battery, Antenna, Antenna Cable, Power Cable, Measuring Tape and any other necessary parts you need before you go out scanning).

2. If you have a Ronin Mount just slide the scanner on the mount on the UAV and listen for a “click”, then tighten the knob on the side of the Ronin Mount with your hands. (Not recommended to use a screwdriver).

3. After you mount your Scanner, then you are ready to hook up your scanner to the antenna via antenna cable, and then connect to the your power source (battery) via battery cable.

Go to to watch this training video. The video will show you exactly how to mount your scanner to a vehicle, also it shows all the necessary parts you need in order to go scan. (You will need a password from Lidarusa to view this page)

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