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LumberJack(left) and TP-Link(right) The LumberJack is our data logging solution. It greatly simplifies the data collection process by facilitating the storage of collected LiDAR and GPS data. With the LumberJack, there is no need to bring a laptop along while collecting. The LumberJack requires very little setup prior to use.

First Time Setup

Ensure that the TP-Link is charged, and the network selector switch is set to “AP”(Access Point). Then, slide the power selector switch on the side of the TP-Link to “ON”. Next, from your smart phone, connect to the TP-Link WiFi network. The WiFi network name will be labeled on the bottom of the TP-Link (example: “snoopy-wifi”). Once your smart phone is connected to the Wifi AP open your phones internet browser and go to the URL labeled on the bottom of the TP-Link (example:

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