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Logging with LumberjackPlus - Nuc

How to Set Up

In this section, you will learn how to mount and attach the Ladybug to the Snoopy.

  1. First mount your Snoopy on your vehicle and attach antenna, antenna cable, and power cable - DO NOT CONNECT TO A BATTERY YET.
  2. Slide your Ladybug onto your mount and secure with knobs with Camera 0 facing away from vehicle direction of travel. Both cables should be secured and fastened into the Ladybug.
  3. Connect the gray cable of Ladybug to the Ladybug port on the Snoopy power cable.
  4. Connect USB cable of Ladybug to LumberjackPlus (or NUC) via the port labeled “LB.” DO NOT CONNECT YOUR NUC TO ANY POWER SOURCE YET.
  5. Once all connections have been inserted, connect your Snoopy to a power source (10-30VDC) and power on.
    • The Ladybug LED between the lenses opposite camera 0 should blink and then light solid red. (This LED is very faint and difficult to see in straight sunlight.)
  6. Allow 30 seconds for Snoopy and Ladybug to boot. Now connect your NUC to a power source (19VDC) and press the power button.
    • The Ladybug must be powered via Snoopy and plugged in to the NUC BEFORE the NUC is connected to power and powered on. Failure to do so will require a full power cycle(Snoopy and NUC) for the Ladybug to probably boot with the NUC.
    • The blue software dongle must also be inserted in the NUC before powering on for proper boot up and operation.

How to Collect Data

  1. Once your NUC/LumberjackPlus has been powered on it will project a WiFi access point - just like your Snoopy-Lumberjack. Connect to this Wifi using any device (laptop, tablet, cell phone, etc) - typically formatted to name: [UniqueIdentifier]PlusAP. Password: scanlook
  2. After you have successfully connected via WiFi, open an internet browser and go to (this is exactly the same address as your Snoopy, but on a different device).
    • Note that unlike your Snoopy, the home screen only shows Ladybug Start and Stop. This is as it should be.
  3. Go to Settings and input your desired Frames Per Second(FPS). Options are 1-10FPS. And hit Save.
    • Only the FPS setting has any significance on the LumberjackPlus. INS script and lever arms take no effect since there is no INS directly connected to this computer.
  4. ALWAYS start Snoopy (INS + Lidar) logging first so that your INS data can record when and where the images are in the world and, once logging, hit Ladybug Start from the LumberjackPlus webpage. The computer will need between 10-30 seconds to connect to the Ladybug and flush any previous data in it's buffer. After this period, the Ladybug data rate will start to jump up. The LED between the two lenses will change to orange and then green to display connection. (Typical data rate is between 20-25 MBps in bright lighting. This can be slightly more and slightly less depending on your surroundings, as well.)
    • If the Ladybug does not start within 1 to 2 minutes of clicking Start, please check that the software dongle is inserted. Try a full power cycle of Snoopy and Ladybug and repeat the process. Errors typically occur due to the software dongle being missing, the NUC being connected to power source too early, or the Ladybug not being fully connected via USB (either at the NUC or at the camera connection). If after trial and error, you still cannot capture Ladybug data, please contact for info on checking that your software dongle is active.
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