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L1L2 Add-on

The Tersus GNSS L1L2 Add-on is a great option for getting better results for a low price.

Rover Receiver added to Revolution:

  1. Begin Base station recording on a known survey point before collecting.
  2. Connect the receiver via GNSS port to an external antenna.
  3. Connect the receiver via COM1 port to Revolution pigtail using the supplied extension cable.
    1. Measure the antenna offset of the Tersus to the reference point of the Revolution. Save this measurement for use in post-processing.
  4. Now you are free to power and run your Revolution as normal.
    1. Once the Revolution is powered, the Tersus LEDs should glow solid red indicating power and communication with the Logger inside your Revolution.
    2. Any time Revolution settings are changed, please make sure the Tersus is connected to the Revolution so that it, too, may be configured.
    3. No changes to the data collection procedure, settings, or web interface are changed for the Tersus Add-on.
    4. In the event of an error from the Tersus you will be notified via the Snoopy web browser. Please check your connections to Revolution and antenna if this occurs.
  5. Once data logging has been finished, there will exist three files in your Project's Snoopy folder (a *.gps, *.imr, and *.tersus). For information on processing with the *.tersus and base station files, please go to Coordinate Updates
    1. If the receiver is not connected, a 0kB file with extension “.tersus” will be present in the Project's Snoopy folder.
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