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TreX POSPac Debugging Issues for UAV flights:

1. Make sure you have measured lever arms, antenna cable plugged in, and your battery plugged in, and your USB is not full and plugged in.

2. Start-up your system - (Press in LED Button)

3. Connect to WIFI - (Your Serial Number) – Password: scanlook

4. In Google Chrome go to the web address:

5. Go to “settings” type in the correct lever arms and choose the correct INS Script

6. Go back to the homepage and type in a new project name

7. Press “Start” for the APX-15 Press “Start” for the Velodyne – (both should be green)

8. Let your system run for 10 minutes on the ground prior to taking off for flight or driving.

9. Then take off and fly in the X (right direction in the vehicle frame for ten seconds).

10. Stop and turn 180°.

11. Then go back to your starting point.

12. Now you can fly in your automated flight!!!!

13. Land – Let your system run for 10 minutes.

14. Now you can go back to the web address: (refresh your page)

15. Press “Stop” for the APX-15 Press “Stop” for the Velodyne – (both should be red)

16. Now, click on the hamburger menu: Go to “Shutdown” click Shutdown, “Ok”.

17. Power down your TreX – Ready to go process

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