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GoLook Camera Setup

GoLook requires a clean, isolated 12 VDC power supply capable of providing approximately 35W or 3A. In the power cable supplied, the white wire is positive voltage (+) and the black is negative (-) or ground. Be certain this is correctly connected to the power supply. It is recommended to add an inline on/off switch or connector to GoLook’s power cable but not necessary.

  1. Verify that each 64GB micro SD card is formatted as exFAT and has the config.txt file in the root directory – for more information on this file, see Configuration and Troubleshooting.
  2. Place each 64GB card in its corresponding slot on the sides of the pod – each card and viewing angle follow a numbering system located on the bottom of the camera pod.
  3. Erase all data off of the smaller 8GB micro SD card and place it into the card slot on the bottom of the camera pod. This card logs the GPS and time stamping information.
  4. Mount GoLook to the vehicle so that it is rigid. If using GoLook with Snoopy, the aluminum attachment pictured below will slide onto either end of your primary mount.
  5. Connect the external GPS antenna by hand tightening it to the camera pod and place it on the vehicle such that it has the optimal view of the sky. This antenna is primarily used as an atomic clock and must be used if exact time stamping/positioning of the imagery is required. This antenna provides one to three meter positioning. Position accuracy is improved by coupling image timing with any INS system results.
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