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Transferring/Downloading Data from your Nuc

First it is best to have your NUC connected to a wall outlet or well charged battery. There are three ways to transfer data off of your NUC and onto your computer or a hard drive, SSD, etc. The fastest method is Method 1, followed by Method 3 and lastly Method 2.

Method 1 (fastest): Web app Sync Page to hard drive
  1. Connect your hard drive via USB3.0 before powering up your NUC.
  2. Now power it up and log on to the WiFi of the NUC “[CompanyName or SerialNumber]PlusAP” with password “scanlook.”
  3. Open an internet browser and go to “”
  4. Navigate to the “Sync” page and select the project from the NUC you wish to transfer to the hard drive. Select “Copy”
  5. Once the transfer has completed successfully, press the “Eject” button. Do not forget this step as data loss will most likely occur. You can now safely disconnect the drive from the NUC and plug it into your PC for further processing.
Method 2: Transfer to computer over WinSCP via WiFi

As a precursor to this method, transferring over WiFi will take quite some time.

  1. Connect to the NUC's wifi.
  2. Open WinSCP
    1. Host name:
    2. User name: lumberjack
    3. password: Scanlook123!@# or [companyname]
      1. If your company name is used, it will be all lowercase characters.
  3. Once you're logged all the way in, go all the way up to the base directory but hitting the folder up button.
  4. Navigate to /internal/ and find your project from the list.
  5. Drag and drop the project folder from the NUC to a place of your choice on your computer and wait for the transfer to complete.
Method 3: Transfer to computer over WinSCP via Ethernet
  1. Details coming soon
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