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Starting and Stopping GoLook

  1. Power on GoLook by connecting to a 12 VDC power source. If powered and booted successfully, a low-volume tune will sound. If not, a repetitive tweeting will sound. Please check that the micro SD card on the bottom of the camera pod is securely in its slot. When successful, GoLook remains in sleep mode, however it still records all GPS tracking data in this state.
  2. GoLook is now trying to obtain a GPS fix. Once achieved, GoLook will beep every 15 seconds. It is recommended to achieve a fix before image collection is started.
  3. To start video recording press the center button on the key fob provided.
    1. The cameras will exit sleep mode and begin recording.
    2. The LEDs will begin solid and then will begin flashing for every viewing angle and GoLook will beep every three seconds.
    3. If several beeps occur in rapid succession, please check that micro SD cards are inserted to every viewing angle. The viewing angle LED(s) that blinks rapidly and then quits is encountering an issue – see What the beeps mean for more instructions and details.
  4. To mute or unmute GoLook, press the left button on the key fob.
  5. When finished with imagery collection, press the center button on the key fob. Once the camera stop blinking, GoLook will return to sleep mode.
  6. To end the job make sure the camera is no longer recording – no beeping or flashing – and safely disconnect the pod from power.
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