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Setting up Your CHC Base Station

For checking out the base station you can download this small tool: It's a small program and pretty simple.

  • Connect the DB9 serial port of the cable to the serial to USB adapter and plug in the USB to the computer. You will have to turn on the Base at this point.
  • Open HCConfig as just downloaded. (You'll have to open device manager and find which Port the Base is chosen for). Inline image 1
  • Select the Port and click “Connect” Inline image 2
  • Once you're in, you will see the window above. Select “Internal Recording” and see that Data Log is set to “Auto”, Data Log Session to “One Week”, and Sample Interval to “1Hz”.
  • Select “Set” and back out and exit.
    • To make sure it saved, you can hit “Get” and make sure everything is set correctly. When you're done, just choose Exit from the main menu and finished!
  • Put in a fresh battery, set the base up on a pole outside with an open sky, and power it on. No need to hit the green button. Just power it on and after a few minutes or so the blue light will blink (number of blinks in a row indicates number of satellites - more than 10 is a good sign). And after a few rounds of capturing satellites the farthest right LED will start to blink yellow indicating that data is logging to a file.
  • Now get scanning!
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