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   - On Advanced Boresight, the "​->​ScanLook"​ command now creates a tar file for updating the sensor settings.   - On Advanced Boresight, the "​->​ScanLook"​ command now creates a tar file for updating the sensor settings.
   - Ladybug boresight tools are delivered with Ladybug setup files.   - Ladybug boresight tools are delivered with Ladybug setup files.
 +  - When switching INS files (.top to actual INS, etc.) it wouldn'​t necessarily catch the units change. Now it does.
 +  - Allow users to change LAS file resolution. Default remains at 0.001.
 +  - In Velodyne processing, the "​Power"​ mode would duplicate points (per the packet structure). The duplicate points are now removed.
 +  - Added check for IE exported INS files to verify proper "​Axes"​ selection as "​Axes: ​     x-right, y-forward, z-up".
 +  - Added control point check to see if the GCP's are within the area or possibly swapped XY.
 +  - Updated Cepton processing to the latest version (SORA and VISTA).
 +  - If gps-time*.csv has 0 positional info, and there is a Snoopy/​*.top file, a new *gps-time*2.csv will be created so we can still get the desired kml file.
 +  - Fixed Graphics crash when using Riegl and no SDC conversion has been done yet.
 +  - Added more IE export checks for proper export (IMU to GNSS and Body To Sensor).
 +  - Added check for corrupt end-of-file in Riegl data and just backed up to last good data.
 +  - Added on/off yellow X-measurement symbol in control measurement dialog.
 +  - The World X-form used in point cloud generation is now carried over to the ladybug processing.
 +  - If the Riegl sdc file is smaller than the rxp file, the problem is flagged.
 +  - Added another IE export check to validate that OPK values are legitimate.
 +  - Added a Debug option to the help menu that creates a ProjectDebug.log file. This helps us debug customer problems.
 +  - Added ScanLook LB, Ladybug Boresight Measurement and Calculation options to the Tools menu. This makes the entire LB process a bit easier, especially the boresight calculation.
 +  - Fixed vZ control point threshold check (wasn'​t using Absolute value for magnitude).
 +  - When clicking on a control point measurement outside of any lidar points, the Z value is computed from the entire data set rather than returning 0's.
 +  - Added Add-in manager to Programs menu.
 +  - To File menu added Project Notes.
 ===== Version 1.0.135 ===== ===== Version 1.0.135 =====
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