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Debugging A Snoopy System Using a Riegl Scanner

Problem: Riegl Vux-1 scanner's emitter inside the beam aperture window did not start rotating.
If the Webapp Logs page says the following:  
This error is usually caused by scanning a highly reflective target at close range, and can mean the scanner receiver might have been damaged. Please try to get the end-user to clear the error, properly reboot the system, and then start a scan again.
Try to start the system again. But, this time lets clear that error beforehand. To do so:
1)Power on Snoopy like normal
2)Connect to Snoopy WiFi
3)However, before visiting the normal webapp, go to (note the :8888 at the end of the URL)
  This is the VUX web portal. Click the "Messages" button on this page, then click the green Acknowledge button. 
  This should clear the error.
4) Now visit the normal webapp ( Try to start a scan like normal.
If it starts up fine, then there must have been some highly reflective object returning the beam to the detector previously. The system was refusing to continue since it could damage itself. It probably wouldnt hurt to check your drone for anything in the path of the laser that is reflective though, as this could cause this to happen every time (polished metal, or metal tape, etc in the beam path as it rotates around)
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