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Velodyne/Faro System

  1. Power up and start your Lumberjack logger's white access point. Wait one minute and then power your lumberjack logger and FARO system.
  2. Connect your cell phone, tablet, or computer to the access point's wifi network.
  3. Log in to your lumberjack logger with the credentials on the back of the access point and ensure it is properly configured to your INS unit in the “Settings” tab.VELODYNE→NONE
  4. Connect your ethernet cable to the Faro and your laptop computer and open FARO RT. Enter your Faro IP address (NOTE: The first three period delimited numbers of your laptop computer's LAN IPv4 address must match that of your Faro's IP address.)
  5. Choose your desired file destination and select “Connect.”
  6. Return to the lumberjack webpage and change the name of your project by selecting “Change Project Name” and insert the desired project name without using any spaces.
  7. Select the green “Start” button to log INS.
    1. When the data is properly captured, the graph on the main page will display the growth of the INS data file. See sample image below:
  8. Select “Start Scan” from Faro RT and observe file creation and growth in a file browser.
  9. Upon completion of your project, select “Stop Scan” in FARO RT followed by “Stop” for INS on the lumberjack webpage.

For more information on using the Lumberjack logger: Starting out with Lumberjack

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