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 ====== Debugging a Ladybug Data Set ====== ====== Debugging a Ladybug Data Set ======
-When debugging a Ladybug data set we will need the Cube*.txt file as first step.+When debugging a Ladybug data set the data is quite large. The raw Ladybug files, ​*.pgr, are generally 2GB each. This is too big for an internet transfer in most cases. 
 +The best thing is to connect via Chat on our website and let us work directly on your computer system. 
 +If that is not possible, then it is best to wrap up the entire project (INS, base station, etc.) on small storage media and mail the project to us. 
-After reviewing the results of the Cube file we may need more files. Since these are quite large it is often easiest to simply place all of the image data (.mov files) on some sort of media and mail it to us. It's generally just to much to post over the internet. 
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