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How to Use LadyBugCap

Before recording, verify that you are in the LiDARUSA version of LadybugCap and not the PointGrey version. The latter will not provide timing from the camera to your Snoopy to sync your imagery to your lidar data. To verify this, open LadybugCap and select “Ladybug Information” from the Help tab. The correct program version will appear as below - latest version 1.0.7:

  1. To choose your frame rate, select Settings → Set Frame Rate, slide the button to the desired frames per second and select OK.
    1. Recommended frame rate is 2FPS - this will collect 100GB/hour and at 50MPH images will be captured approximately every 36 feet. For 4FPS and more, it is recommended to use a computer with a solid state drive for optimal data write.
  2. When ready to begin recording, click the at the top left of the window.
    1. Select an output location
    2. Assign a name for the output data files.
    3. Click Save.
    4. Upon clicking “Save” data will begin capturing.

(NOTE: To end recording, click the same red button from above.) The display rate, frame rate, and total file size can be observed during recording from the bottom pane of the window. The four right columns of this same pane display errors and counters - labels for each counter will appear when your cursor is pointed over each box.

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