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How to Install POSPac

Go to Applanix's webpage; then click on their support page. (Use the link below).

Create a “Support Login”, by entering in your business name, email address, etc. It will also ask for your serial number, and we will provide that for you.

Once you have created a login the Applanix team will send an email back with a link that will give you access to their software download page.

Once you have downloaded the software, click on your POSPac desktop icon.

Go to the “Help” on the menu-bar.

Then click, “Software License Utility”.

On the bottom left corner of the menu “Serial Number” is located. Enter in your serial number.

Click, “Activate License”.

After this, you are now ready to start processing via POSPac!!

If you need to upgrade your license at any point, you will need to contact Applanix Customer Support page.

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