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Faro system


Scan Parameters will need to be set to “Helical Profile.” If this profile has not been enabled proceed to “Setting up Helical” and then return here to settings.

  • Number of Scan Lines = 10000
  • Split after points = 600000
  • Resolution = 1/4x


  1. Rigidly secure your aluminum mount to your vehicle.
  2. Slide your snoopy onto your aluminum mount and securely brace it to the mount by fastening the knobs.
    1. FARO 120 and x330 Orient the Faro such that it is upside down and the LCD screen is facing away from the mount.
  3. Insert the the pegs of the faro into the steel bracket of your snoopy. Tighten the bolt on the right side of the steel bracket with the provided 5/16 hex wrench to secure the Faro unit onto your Snoopy.
  4. Insert the Snoopy Faro connector into the Faro. Use extreme care with this connection. Push straight in and pull straight out when inserting and removing it.
  5. Insert your ethernet cable into the Faro and the other end into your laptop computer.

Setting up Helical

  1. Once you've attached the kit by lining up the helical connection with the Faro connection by using the four screws provided, the x330 and the locking pin of the helical kit will most likely not line up. You'll have to turn on your Faro and go into “Manage” > “Service” > “Command Prompt” and type in “HelicalGrey” and this will enable Helical Mode.
  2. Then go to set your new home position (“Manage” > “Service” > “Set New Home Position”) and adjust the rotation until the locking pin on the helical kit and the notch in the new bracket you just placed line up - this may take a few minutes to get just right adjusting by small increments to fit just right.
  3. Once you've got it lined up, set your scanner profile to “Helical” and lock the pin up into the notch by tightening the screws on either side. A small star bit screwdriver or a small allen wrench will do the trick. Be careful to not strip these screws, they are fragile. They do not have to be exceptionally tight, just enough to keep the pin up and the Faro from moving independently of the helical kit.
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