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 +==== What is “config.txt”?​ ====
 +The configuration text file MUST be on each viewing angle’s SD card in the root directory. The config.txt file will come by default with the following content settings:
 +   ​PHOTO_QTY=1
 +   ​EXPOSURE=1.0
 +   ​DEFAULT_START_TIME= 12222015.0100
 +   ​VIDEO_QTY=1000
 +The config.txt file holds the settings of a particular viewing angle. It is important to note that the contents of this file should be exactly the same on every viewing angle micro SD card. The only line in the file that can or should be altered to user preference is Default_Start_Time. No other settings are to be altered.
 +  * Default_Start_Time can be set in the form of MMDDYYYY.HHMM where “.HHMM” is hours and minutes in 24-hour clock format
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