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The Workflow

Colorizing your point cloud is very easy.

  1. Generate your point cloud like normal.
  2. Use the Compute button in Ladybug Export.
  3. Return to Point Cloud Export and select areas.
  4. Click on Colorize.

The original point cloud and the colorized point cloud co-exist in the same folder.

To view how to colorize the point cloud document, go to lidarusa/resources/trainingportal to view the manual. (You will need to obtain a password from lidarusa in order to view the site)

Solving Problems

For whatever reason, you may find that your colorizing appears to be displaced by 1 or more image frames. Fortunately you can easily fix this. In each folder you selected to colorize there will be a colorLas.bat file created. It will have a “-O 2” option. The “2” changes the offset value. Edit this file and make the change. You can increase or decrease this number and just re-run the colorLas.bat file until you get it to line up correctly.

If you do encounter this problem, we would like to know about it so we can determine what caused it and consequently fix it.

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