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While connected to the webpage (

Use the hamburger drop down menu, and click on “Settings”.


1. In settings, change the lever arms to the correct values.

(The lever arms will be the premeasurements you took before starting the scanner, from the (xyz) stickers on your scanner to your antenna)

2. Now change your "INS Script" to the correct positioning of your scanner.

(Select the correct INS Script from the drop down menu) For instance, if your scanner is mounted on the back of your vehicle at 45 degrees; you would choose “Back of Vehicle: 45”

You should not change any of the other predetermined settings in the settings menu.

3. Click "Save Settings" at the bottom of the settings page.

(“Settings saved successfully) should now appear.

4. Now you are ready to go back to the main menu!

(Click “Snoopy” to get back to the main menu)

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