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How To

Install the Software

Set up your Snoopy system

Run your Snoopy system

Use Lumberjack to log Snoopy data

Process the data

ScanLook Release Notes

Quanergy M8 System


A-Series Snoopy System


Trex System

Different Types of TreX Systems

TreX System's Workflow

Training Videos

Sending Debug Data

It is inevitable that somewhere along the way you are going to have a problem project. This is especially true early in the learning process or in projects that somehow defy the norm. In any case, to help us help you, here are some simple steps you can follow.

When debugging a data set from:

  1. A FARO scanner
  2. A Velodyne scanner
  3. A GoLook camera
  4. A Ladybug camera

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